Terms and Conditions

1. E-Design is an online design service and any suggestions made are meant to improve the look of your space and not intended for construction use.
2. The Client agrees to provide full information regarding requirements for the project including images of the space, measurements of the space, and inspiration for the overall space within a timely manner.
3. The room prices are based on styling and sourcing for each individual space under 1,000 sq. ft. If your room is larger please purchase two-room packages or contact us for custom quotes.
4. E-Design clients agree to correspond strictly through online communication via email. The client also agrees to additional fees of $80 per phone call or $200/hour for in-person meetings if requested.
5. E-Design clients are provided one or two rounds (depends on the package) of edits at no charge. If the client requires additional edits, the client agrees to an additional fee that will be charged by the hour ($100/hour).
6. Tushe Design will not be responsible for managing construction, purchasing, delivery, or installation related to the E-Design project.
7. Tushe Design will not be held responsible for arranging deliveries, repairs, replacements, freight claims, or lead times for purchases made in conjunction with the E-Design
8. The Client agrees to feature room design on our blog and social media. (Client’s name and other private information will not be published, just the images of the design.)