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How E-Design service works? Click the button below for a sneak peek and step-by-step guide through the process.

e-Design guide
An affordable method to design your rooms or your home with a top-grade designer
Highest quality and satisfaction guaranteed
A professionally designed space that meets your goal and style

e-Design is a new way of doing affordable interior design using technology and  remote work. In another to say – virtual home interior design. We design your space and source a product list for you at an affordable price and a great value. You provide us with some inspirational ideas, measurements, photos of your space and then we take your vision and turn it into reality!

Please read our e-Design guide here for a comprehensive step-by-step instructions on virtual home Interior e-Design process!

How we do e-Design

The e-Design process


Select a design package

Pick a design option below.


Complete a design questionnaire

Let us know as much as possible about you, your style and your space so we can help you achieve the desired look. Click here to complete the questionnaire.


Take measurements of your space

Please indicate window and door locations, ceiling height, and any other important room features, such as columns, fireplace, etc. Creating a quick sketch of your space with measurements would be ideal!


Take photos

Take pictures of the walls, ceilings, floors and items you would like to keep. Make as many photos as possible from different angles. Daytime photos are preferred.


Your inspirations

Please provide us with some inspirational photos of yours (if applicable).


Project implementation

Submit your questionnaire, measurements, photos and leave the rest to us! Please email your photos and sketches to info@tushe-design.com

Mini Design Package

- Personalized one-on-one time via email
- 2 draft ideas for your selected room
- Final design with your shopping list
- 1 round of revisions
- $50 for additional revisions

*Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery
*Concept package priced per room/space

$750 CAD Order
VIP Design Package

Your e-Design digital concept board(s) include:

- One-on-One time via email with your expert designer
- 2 draft ideas for your selected number of rooms
- Final design with your shopping list
- Custom elevation for each room/space
- Custom floor plan for each room/space
- 2 rounds of revisions
- Design notes and suggestions for putting it all together

*Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery
*Concept package priced per room/space

$1,000 CAD Order
Elevation or Floor Plan

- Includes side wall views of Built-ins, Art Work layouts and more
- Or view from above of items in rooms/spaces

*Concept package priced per room/space

$300 CAD Order

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