e-Design Guide


Let us walk you through the E-Design process. We want you to feel comfortable along the way and know exactly what to submit and what to expect. Our goal is to provide you access to our signature style within an affordable budget. Delivering a generic design is easy, and we have seen many out there, but putting together a room that is unique, beautiful, and reflects your personality—full of texture and depth—takes time and effort.


Help us to get to know you 

Let us know as much as possible about you, your style, and your space so we can help you achieve the desired look.
Click here  to complete the questionnaire.

Show us your room 

Take a photo of your room as many as possible. Don’t worry about clearing out the clutter, we’ll take care of that virtually. Please take the photos during daytime and include the pieces of furnishings you would like to keep.

Send to us measurements of the room 

Example Please indicate window and door locations, ceiling height, and any other important room features, such as columns, fireplace, etc.

Share with us YOUR inspiration

Share with us inspiration photos that you found in magazines or online. Attach links to your Pinterest or any other social media. The better we know you and your style preferences, the better we can tailor the best room/space interior design for you. You can also attach pictures of other areas of your residence. This is especially important if you have an open floor plan.YOUR INSPIRATIONS




Get your first design 

Let the fun begin! Our designer will start to create the you love to live. You’ll see an immersive view of layout and designers ideas for your space.