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Saltanat B.

Saltanat has worked for over 5 years as a designer in design and architecture firms and today has her residential interior design & décor practice. Her formal education in architecture set a strong foundation in both Classical and Modern design and an understanding of form and space that now informs her interiors. Saltanat has designed & managed projects for multiple apartments, condos, hotels, and commercial spaces.


Describe your go-to style:

Trends and styles are changing quickly, but the owner’s space is a long-term masterpiece. That is why I am passionate about the modern style, and it creates the most valuable pieces. The pieces are natural light, smart use of every inch of the space, the creative and elegant combination of materials and surroundings.
Altogether, they will be remaining fashionable and stylish for years. I love to embrace it in the client’s space. Besides Modern, I like to work with timeless Contemporary and relaxed Scandinavian


We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I love to create an identity in the client’s place. Each person has their passion. Most importantly, it should be an immediate reflection of its owner and its aspirations.


From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Especially when I see exciting furniture or finishes, I start to draw some ideas in my head.

Elmira T.

Elmira attended art school. She studied architecture and worked for over seven years as a residential and commercial architect before focusing on her true love; interior design. She firmly believes that our surroundings profoundly impact the soul, so she has made her life cause to create beautiful places for people to live in. Her goal is to improve her clients’ everyday life. Interior design for better living. She also went to Morroco to study the technologies of tile making.


We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

 I love the different personalities with different desires. It is always intrigued, and it is still something new to learn and understand. I believe that a renewed home, a room, or even a little corner can be a fresh start. To create a balance between functionality and style and to make a new base and create a place for future changes while keeping the good things drives me the most.


Tell us your biggest design secret:

I always sketch the layout and a 3D by hand at first. I even imagine different life situations; it is just like watching a little movie while drawing.


Describe your ideal project:

I like to start working with my client when there is a desire for change and dreams to create. At the beginning of a project, I have the fresh opportunity to (re)connect the space and its owner. My ideal project involves dreams and decisions, flexibility, and trust.


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